August 2-7th

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Sunday - August 02

16:00 EDT, 20:00 UTC

Keynote Address: How Disc Sports Fit into the Olympic Movement: Governance and Competition

Rob “Nob” Rauch


Monday - August 03

14:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC

How to Plan Focused Scrimmages Your Players Will Love!

Melisa Witmer

Everyone loves to scrimmage at practice. But how do you keep you scrimmages from turning into an unfocused, glorified pickup session? In this presentation we'll explore various ways to incentivize desired skill execution in your scrimmages. Increase fun and focus to get more out of your practice time!


21:00 EDT, Tues. 01:00 UTC

Dumps, Swings, Breaks, Oh My: Attacking Lateral Space and Using the Width of the Field.

Alex Snyder

Ideas on ways to get your team to use the entire width of field to help open up more options in the vertical space. We will discuss why this is important to do and various ways to accomplish this, regardless of your offensive set.

Tuesday - August 04

12:00 EDT, 16:00 UTC

Keep Them Coming Back for More: How to Retain Players and Grow your Program

Lauren Boyle

Now that you have recruited a group of athletes, how do you keep each person wanting more? This session will talk about strategies to empower each player and foster how their strengths contribute to the team culture.


14:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC

The Realities of being an Emerging Sport: Drills, Tips, and Suggestions for Practices with Limited Players or Field Space

Josh Hartzog

For many of us coaches, one of the biggest challenges we face with our teams is either finding enough field space or enough players to hold meaningful practices. Having been through a couple of seasons facing these challenges, I have come up with some strategies for holding productive practices in challenging conditions.


19:00 PM EDT, 23:00 UTC

Thinking & Feeling: The Building Blocks of Creating Cutters

Keith Raynor

No element of ultimate blends thinking and feeling in the way cutting does. Whether you're a chess-like strategist plotting optimal moves or an instinctual animal fluidly reacting to the field without thinking, there are still basic building blocks for all cutters. We'll examine how to teach cutters of both types well-rounded fundamentals of cutting.


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Wednesday - August 05

14:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC

Developing Athleticism in Youth Teams (Middle/High School)

Ren Caldwell

In this session we’ll learn how to prepare kids for high-level ultimate while keeping a focus on how to teach them to support their bodies, practice self-care, and have fun.


19:00 EDT, 23:00 UTC

A Team Approach to Man Defence

Kaitlyn Lovatt & Carla DiFilippo

Person to person defence is only effective when all seven defenders are working together. It seems like an obvious statement but in practice it is very difficult to achieve. In this seminar we will break down the women's u19 man defensive strategy. Most importantly, we will discuss the language and teaching tools we developed in order to achieve our goals as a team.


21:00 EDT, Thurs. 01:00 UTC

We Are What We Speak: Calling Subs, Team Meetings, and Building Team Cohesion

Matt Tsang

Sub-calling is one one of the methods that coaches most often use to communicate with their players, and yet it is most likely one of the worse ways to communicate. Tsang will discuss some principles of how coaches communicate with the team and how communicating well can create team cohesion.

Thursday - August 06

11:00 EDT, 15:00 UTC

Lessons from NUTC and Beyond

Tiina Booth

Tiina shares experiences she's gained from coaching the USA U19 National Team, Amherst High School, UMass, running NUTC and beyond!


14:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC

One at a Time, All at the Same Time: Finding the Balance Between being a Player, Coach, and Captain of the Same Team

Mario O’Brien

In most places around the world, the most experienced players are also the captains and coaches of the team they play on. This leads to all kinds of potential pitfalls, including burnout, poor play, and poor leadership. In order to improve you must manage your expectations, empower others, and focus on doing only one role well at a time. While you're doing that role, turn your other brains off as much as possible.


19:00 EDT, 23:00 UTC

Managing Multiple Skill Levels: It's Not One Size Fits All

DeAnna Ball

Coaches struggle finding ways to address the individual needs of players. Each college season brings new faces, along with the familiar faces of players who have evolving skills. The early season is a logistical ballet that is in need of focus when the college season starts. We will take a look at some ideas to help tame the crazy beast that is managing multiple skill levels, as well as helping players define their own goals.


21:00 EDT, Fri. 01:00 UTC

Better Learning, Better Drills (Skills Acquisition in Ultimate)

Liam Kelly

In this talk Liam will challenge some of the conventions that have developed in ultimate about how we learn and how we drill. Using the developing sports science of skill acquisition he will provide some new ways of looking at drills and general learning at practice. Building on other talks, Liam hopes to add context to the idea of drills being "more game like" and discussing the differences between the "block" and "random" approaches.

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Friday - August 07

09:00 EDT, 13:00 UTC

Strategy, Subs and Stats: the Science behind Calling Lines

Alex Davis

The job of calling lines, in the absence of a firm philosophy, can become loaded with stressful second-guessing, both for the coach and the players. This talk will discuss the math everyone should know about calling lines, the game stats to know and the stats to ignore, and how to reconcile multiple interests like team culture and strategy.


17:00 PM EDT, 21:00 UTC

Coaching is Not (Just) a Team Sport: Focus on Individual Player Improvement to Build Championship Teams

Mike Payne

Even the best players in the world can improve on the fundamentals and become better, but as coaches we often focus too much on team strategy and team leadership (what will we say to the whole team?). To build deep teams that turn into dynasties, learn ways to free up time to focus on individual player improvement and also master the art of individual feedback.


19:00 EDT, 23:00 UTC

Losing Control: The Development of Future Leaders

Marc van der Poest-Clement

We can develop future leaders by providing players structured opportunities to make choices that affect the team. Marc will break down what the role of coaching requires and give examples of how to set up a leadership group structure, when and how to delegate roles, and how to facilitate autonomy within players while still making them accountable.

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