How to Use Team Warm-ups to Develop Athletic Movement Quality

The Three Part, Plus One Warm-Up

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Example Post Warm-up SAQs


Hockey Stop Shuffle

Here we are working on the position at the point of change of direction. This drill also works on getting the feet out from under the athletes center of mass. This is a concept will talk about more extensively in the Coaching Academy course.

5-10 Drill

This drill is a nice transition between the hockey stop drill and the full 5-10-5. Both this drill and the 5-10-5 are about increasing awareness of the hips and getting better movement efficiency in sharp changes of direction. For the 5-10 drill the goal is to move to the first cone without completely committing the hips.

5-10-5 Drill

In this drill, the athlete commits the hip after the first turn and then had to learn to open them again going into the second cone.


To see the effect of the above drills, check out the before and after movement efficiency. After a bit of instruction, the athletes open their hips better and change direction in a more efficient and coordinated manner.

This change was after just a bit of instruction and a few drills. Repeated drilling will help these athletes move with the same efficiency in their cutting on the field.


Jab Step


Waltz Step

Jab Step to Cutting

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