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You are putting on one fantastic coaching clinic which will make my life as a captain and leader much less stressful so I can't thank you enough. I am likely going to purchase the package anyways because those videos are priceless. Plus getting to ask some of the brightest minds in ultimate
questions I've been dying to ask for a long time is very appealing.

Thanks again for giving us players, with lots of desire and passion to improve ourselves and our teams, but with little information about the intricate details to do so, this amazing opportunity.

Michelle Landis

URCA14 gave me great insight to many aspects of coaching I hadn't given full consideration. I learned valuable tips on how to better my team mentally, physically, and strategically.

Ben Scharadin, Penn State Coach

What You'll Learn

  • How to design drills
  • How to plan a practice
  • How to teach the horizontal stack
  • How to teach zone offense and defense
  • How to coach person to person defense
  • How to provide feedback that drives player development
  • Hot to use slow motion video to aid throwing instruction
  • How to create a positive team culture that lasts
  • How to translate mobility and strength gains to stellar on-field performance
  • How to develop mental toughness in your players
  • How to teach effective cutting
  • How to coach zone offense and defense
  • How to make team selections fair, transparent and easier
  • How to teach dump resets
  • How to help your athletes set effective goals and achieve them.
  • ...and much more!