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Last Year's Conference

“URCA 2014 was downright unprecedented. It wasn't just the world's most experienced ultimate coaches, sharing insights you can ordinarily only get after ten years in the trenches. It was also a slate of presenters who knew how to teach, how to engage a virtual audience, how to translate theory into practical advice. It was clear that a lot of time and energy went into the delivery as well as the content, and I'm amazed that they provided it all as a free resource for the community. I can't wait for next year's conference!”

Glenn, Washington DC

“I'm a pretty inexperienced player and am a very young coach to Ultimate. I coach a High School team in Knoxville, Tennessee in the US and I could not have asked for a better thing to help me as an Ultimate coach and player than this! I don't have much time or money to travel, so to have these great coaches giving their insight on key areas of coaching in the game of Ultimate was AMAZING!”

2014 conference attendee

“Stop thinking about whether you have the time or not to join the conference, do it and you will definitely be happy about this decision, i learned so much in this week and it will help me a lot due to the fact, that they had a spot nearly on every possible topic which is relevant for ultimate.”

Frederik Goßmann, Munich, Bavaria, MUC

“It's really unbelievable how much you will learn in just one week. If you are a coach, a captain or even just an ultimate player trying to learn more about the game, this conference is a must.”

Tyler, New York

What You'll Learn

  • What to do with small numbers at practice
  • How to manage playing time and call subs effectively
  • How to teach your players to attack using lateral space (dump and swing!)
  • How to teach help defence
  • How to find the balance between being a player, coach, and captain of the same team
  • Player retention - how to keep players coming back for more!
  • ...and much more!